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Chevrolet Silverado Wheelchair Truck

Chevrolet Silverado Wheelchair Truck

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Understand Wheelchair Accessible Trucks Before You Buy

Many people want to know the benefits that a wheelchair accessible truck provides compared to an accessible van. It is important to give proper consideration before selecting a wheelchair accessible truck. One should not buy it only for its look but also check the practical and functional features.

Advantages Of Wheelchair Trucks

It is different from a van which is the default vehicle for users of wheelchair. No one expects a person in a wheelchair to drive around in a vehicle resembling pickup truck. Others are going to stop the person in parking lots and inquire about it. This vehicle and its owner are going to be the center of attention.

It can be a lifesaver if the user's lifestyle requires owning a truck. An accessible pickup truck is the perfect selection for the individual who lives on a farm and has to haul things frequently. If heavy towing is needed from a vehicle then a wheelchair truck is the perfect choice.

Similarly there are other considerations when it comes to choosing between a van and a truck.

Disadvantages Of Handicap Accessible Trucks

Parking is an issue for this type of vehicle if the person lives in a city or place where a parking structure has to be used frequently. There may be difficulty in trying to fit into the structure. This issue applies to most big trucks, but it is especially problematic for this type of vehicle. There are problems in accessing the parking lot if the accessible truck cannot get into a parking structure in the first place. If there is need to deploy the lift from the driver side then it can be quite unsafe if it is parked on the street side.

The second issue is related to the battery power. If it is dead or unable to operate the lift properly then the person has to rely on the help of others to get out of the truck. Generally in vans one can open the side door easily and use a manual ramp if required. The independence of the person is not compromised. There may be an incident once in a year when the person gets stuck in the truck.

Transportation of any other wheelchair users can be a problem in an accessible truck. In a van multiple people in chairs can be accommodated. However, the wheelchair accessible trucks with a lift allows only one chair inside. Unless other such passengers can transfer up into the truck, or get into the center console and get off their chairs, it is not possible to accommodate other such people inside.

Cost is also an important factor to consider. Compared to a van conversion, a wheelchair truck conversion can be quite costly. Truck also gives reduced gas mileage. Finding a resale market is going to be difficult, especially if it has been customized to a specific design. When trying to resale the vehicle, the owner may not be able to recover the costs spent on its conversion.

Overall there are huge advantages associated with it. Most of the disadvantages are minor issues. However, before spending any money it is necessary to weigh the accessible truck pros & cons.

The person may find that this type of truck is perfect for all the requirements. It is important to consider all the disadvantages as well to get the complete picture of owning a handicap accessible trucks. Many times people do not think about something until the deal is through and then it becomes difficult to consider other options. Already big amount may have been spent and then it is not possible to change the decision.

Goshichi Wheelchair TruckGoshichi Makes Trucks Wheelchair Accessible and Drivable

With the Goshichi truck conversion there is no need to open the doors to get the lift to operate. The lift is attached to the door and the truck and it can be accessed from the exterior. This conversion is has been completed very professionally.

Chevrolet Silverado GOSHICHI TRUCK CONVERSIONThe Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra, 1500 or 2500 trucks are currently being modified by Goshichi for wheelchair driving. When purchasing a truck to be fitted with a lift, it has to have a back seat so the lift will fit. A crew or club cab typically is needed for it to work.

ffgfgIn the case of most conversions, making wheelchair accessible trucks will involve dimensional restrictions, usually 57" high and 28" wide. Some adjustment can be made on custom ordered Ford or GMC trucks.

The company founder is fully aware of the needs of the wheelchair bound, being confined to one himself due to an injury to his spinal cord. His knowledge of truck modification comes from first hand experience.

Goshichi Wheelchair TruckGoShichi LLC
505 Avenue of Autos
Fort Wayne, IN  46804
(260) 434-4777

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Goshichi Wheelchair TruckCustomizable Wheelchair Accessible Trucks Offered By Ryno

Ryno Mobility, a custom wheelchair accessible trucks conversion business offers several options for making SUVs accessible. Ryno accessible truck service specializes in the conversation of Silverado’s and Dodge MegaCabs.

ryno accessible truckRyno’s conversions employ the UVL lift designed by Braun that is located at the truck’s bottom and operated by remote control. This lift’s doors are controlled with a remote control and powered by linear actuators. On top of there being a standard manual operation function available for the lift (for use during power failures), it features a backup controller inside.

Ryno is also able to install a number of other unique accessible devices and hand controls to ensure the vehicles it works on are wheelchair accessible. The wheelchair truck’s passenger side can also be opened to allow access for the conversion to take place.

Ryno also offers conversions for vans as well as various other customizable options to choose from. For example, if customers wish, conversions for each wheelchair accessible truck may feature customizable accents, body kits, and other cosmetic upgrades.

Goshichi Wheelchair Truck Ryno Mobility
6514 47th St N
Suite B
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
PHONE: (800) 799-4806

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